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C-cure is pr. March 31, 2021 part of Nixu. The entire C-cure team follows over to Nixu and will make sure you get the best experience and welcome.

For future license and consulting agreements, this means that they are signed with NIXU. In case of questions, one can advantageously enter into further dialogue with C-cure CEO Mette Nikander C-cure

C-cure was founded in 1993, and Denmark's oldest, technology-based, independent cybersecurity company with a focus on IT security solutions and services as well as technical GDPR compliance.We have solid experience in holistic and independent security consulting and support.

Nixu, headquartered in Finland, was established in 1988 and is listed on the Nasdaq in Helsinki. Nixu has more than 400 security focused employees.

By combining the capacities of the two companies, the future Nixu will increasingly be able to meet customer needs, - also internationally.

With a wide range of IT security services, managed services and solutions, we are able to lift the heavy burden from our customers' shoulders across Northern Europe. We offer independent advice aimed at offering the most optimal security solutions for a given project

Balances are made based on considerations of functionality, safety, economy, user-friendliness and the manufacturer's support quality / SLA.

Our customers come to stay. The average customer relationship with us is more than 12 years.

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We serve customers in both the private and public sectors, nationally and internationally, where we provide impartial advice, as well as supply and support security solutions. We deliver managed security from a wide variety of vendors.

Our customers and partners receive serious and competent sparring and advisory within more advanced IT security analytics, compliance, incident related tasks etc.

As an members and IT Security Advisors in a number of well known committees and associations, we advise the The danish Security Agency, The Danish Government and the EU Commission. We comment on hearings, writes guidelines, etc.

Professional Theses

  • Impartial advice and assessment on suitable and sustainable security solutions.
  • Sales and support of security solutions.
  • Project management and sparring on the implementation of IT security
  • Security awareness and improvement of security culture
  • Technical GDPR compliance tests
  • Maturity analysis, security analysis and risk assessment.
  • Governance.
  • Testing on Compliance eg. with ISO standards
  • Penetration tests, vulnerability scan and associated analysis
  • Incident Response
  • Collecting technical evidence

Courses, Seminars and Conferences

We offer seminars and lectures on user behaviour, IT strategy, IT law, and on specific solutions. We also organize courses and seminars, individually designed for your company.

IT Security Solutions

Customers and resellers use C-cure as security- adviser and -provider. We offer Cyber security solutions managed on-premise as well as in the cloud. We also offer Managed Security service, so that you can be confident that security professionals take care of your cybersecurity.

C-cure works independently with all the primary security solutions in the market. We provide advice and comparison in regards to security solutions, considering the most optimal constellation for your company. Our customers thereby receive objective recommendations depending on security, economy, functionality, ease-of-use, SLAs and quality of support from the software manufacturer.

Security Awareness

One of the weakest links are the users. Attentive and knowledgeable employees therefore play a key role for the security of the company.

We offer a comprehensive palette of opportunities within awareness campaigns, ranging from free tests for private users, over smaller specialized surveys and campaigns, to large international tests and multilingual campaigns.We make phishing campaigns as well as Change Management courses, in order to help you to the most secure company culture.

Advice According to Applicable Law

We act as IT security advisor in the Security Committees under

  • DI Digital (Confederation of Danish Industry's section for IT, ICT, electronics and communication), that sprovide advise to The Danish Government and the EU Commission. 

As part of this work we have dealt with and answered to hearings in regard to EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other laws and regulations for a number of years. We help our customers comply with e.g. GDPR on the organizational and technical level, as well as the NIS Directive (security of network and information systems) etc. 

Our consultants offer Security Assessments, Risk Assessment, etc. according to ISO 2700x and are qualified to make ISO certifications and train customer employees.


Good relationships are essential!

Both Nixu and C-cure are renown for having established serious business relationships, for more than 25 years. We value a close relationship with our customers, vendors and specialists and collaborate and network professionally with IT security specialists, vendors and distributors worldwide, as well as we also collaborate and lobby on a political level

Cyber Crime?

We provide Forensics and also collaborates with the Danish Police in case of cyber crime incidents. We help collecting digital evidence for legal procedures, according to Chain Of Custody,- thereby in a secured manner, ensuring not to obfuscate or corrupt data evidence..

International Customer

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. 

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