IT Security Depends on Insight and Attitude

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IT Security Solutions

Both customers and resellers use C-cure as advisor and partner for sparring, service and certifications. We offer IT security solutions - on-premise and hosted, which can be managed by the customer or with service and support in the cloud (SaaS).

We work with all the primary security solution on the market, but always impartial and independent of the vendors. We provide advice on and comparison of solutions or the most optimal constellation of different security solutions. Our customers therefore get objective recommendations depending on security, economy, functionality, ease-of-use, SLAs and quality of support from the software manufacturer.

Security Awareness

Attentive and knowledgeable employees play a key role for the security of the company.

C-cure offers a comprehensive palette of opportunities within awareness campaigns, ranging from free tests for private users, over smaller specialized surveys and campaigns, to large international tests and multilingual campaigns.

Advice According to Applicable Law

As advisors in the Security Commitee under DI Digital (Confederation of Danish Industry's section for IT, ICT, electronics and communication), which e.g. are providing advise to the Danish government and the EU Commission, we have worked with EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for a number of years.

We help our customers comply with GDPR technically, as well as the NIS Directive (security of network and information systems), Privacy Shield etc. Our consultants offer security assessments, risk assessment, etc. according to ISO 27000 principles and are qualified to make ISO certifications and train customer employees.

As part of a global network of highly educated and talented IT security experts, C-cure can provide the necessary skills for any IT security-related tasks.

Suspicion of IT Crime?

C-cure provides Forensics and also collaborates with NC3SKYT under the Danish Police in case of cyber crime.

International Customers

The majority of content on the site is in Danish. We therefore recommend that you contact us if you have any queries you need answered.

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