C-cure has celebrated it's 25th anniversary. The company was establised in 1993 and specializes in IT security. We are used as sparring partner by our customers and IT providers. C-cure acts as certification partner, impartial advisor and supplier of security solutions in the cloud or on-premise.

C-cure acts as IT security advisor in the Security Committees under

  • DI Digital (Confederation of Danish Industry's section for IT, ICT, electronics and communication)
  • The Danish ICT Industry Association (IT-Branchen)

Both organizations provide advise to the Danish government and the EU Commission.

Our Mission

C-cure's mission is to be the preferred sparring partner and provider of IT security services and solutions. We want to be the extra resource in the IT Department. A resource that can assist with all IT Security related issues, with honest, unbiased and relevant technical advise.

Relationships are Everything

Good relationships are essential!

C-cure is known for having established good relationships for more than 20 years. We collaborate and network professionally with IT security specialists, manufacturers and distributors worldwide. We also collaborate and stay in contact with the political world.

We want to stay in close contact with our customers er to make the joint activities as smooth as possible, regardless of it being new activities or about product related hotfixes, or patches. It is important that our customers have confidence in us, and that they believe that we can meet their requirements and IT Security standards.


At C-cure you get more value for your money. We have chosen to deliver a high standard of service because it makes our customers feel safe.

We take pride in understanding our customer's business and the essential parameters, so we can provide the best service. You can always discuss your thoughts and ideas about security with a consultant.

Our newsletters are used to continuously keep our customers and business partners up-to- date about IT security risks, and recommend actions.


C-cure recommends solutions from trendsetting manufacturers providing stable technologies, who act quickly and professionally in the market.

Since the market for security solutions are under constant change and every customer has individual needs, we continuously compare and evaluate competing IT Security products and services. For the same reason you will find a large variety of security solutions in our product portfolio.Timely IT support

We provide our customers with an easy overview of relevant solution, and give advise based on the individual customers requirements, to make sure that the best product or solution is chosen.


It is an important part of C-cure's business strategy to provide dedicated and committed support as quickly as possible.

Our standard response time is 2 hours on support. If "third level" support is required C-cure will escalate to the relevant industry experts.

C-cure normally delivers solutions with unlimited support via email and phone. Support agreements tailored to meet the demands of the individual customer can be offered.

Security Awareness

One of the weakest links is the user, because of and despite the technological development. C-cure offers awareness campaigns with subsequent tests as an option.

Security awareness campaigns can be carried out via e-mail, web or print, and can be targeting the company's employees at different levels, and / or include external partners as well.

Training, Seminars and Conferences

C-Cure offers seminars about user behavior, IT strategy, IT law, and specific solutions. We can also arrange training and seminars, tailored to the needs of the individual customer.

Microsoft 365 security

Microsoft 365 security

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