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About C-cure

C-cure provides a broad range of the most efficient security solutions for stationary and mobile networks in the market. Since 1993 c-cure has served companies and resellers, as an IT security partner and advisor. We offer dedicated training, implementation and support.


C-cure works in many areas and our aim is always to have more than one solution within each category to choose from. We offer solutions in antivirus, encryption, web- and mail content filtering, log monitoring, tokens etc. Our portfolio of vendors incldues companies such as Trend Micro, Sophos, F-Secure, Symantec, Websense, Marshal, Cryptzone, Ultimaco, Aladdin, Vasco, SMS Passcode etc. Not all our products are listed on our website.

Communication and information

We make sure to stay in close touch with our vendors, distributors and customers in order to make the joint venture as smooth as possible. it is important that our customers are confident that we can meet their requirements and IT Security standards. We always seek to keep our customers posted and informed about product related hotfixes, patches and other important news. We also offer personal training, seminars, webinars etc.


C-cure's goal is to be the extra resource in the IT Department. A resource that can assist with all IT Security related issues, with honest, unbiased and relevant technical sparring. We compare and evaluate competing IT Security products and services in order to give competent advice to IT departments and to make sure that the best product or solution is chosen. For the same reason you will find a large variety of security solutions in our product portfolio, all of them carefully chosen with thorough research, reliable service and pricing policies.

Connections are everything

As professional networkers, c-cure is well known for our broad contacts with some of the world's finest IT Security specialists. Our skills and contacts makes it possible for us to provide our customers with the best solutions, advice and on-time support. This is why several large companies have chosen C-cure as their IT Security partner, and our records show, that the average time our customers stay with us is usually no less than eight years.


In our newsletters, we continuously inform our customers and business partners about IT Security risks, and recommend patches, fixes and warn of dangerous malware.
If you have any questions about IT security issues, subjects or solutions which cannot be found on our website, you are always welcome to contact c-cure. If C-cure can technically vouch for a non listed product, and if we can verify the quality of service from the vendor, then we will be able to deliver the solution with our usual level of support to the end customer.


Our staff of highly certified security consultants deliver support with a standard maximum response time of two hours. We create tailored support agreements, so that they suit the demands of individual customers if that is required.
If a support request falls outside of the immediate expertise of C-cure, it will be escalated to industry experts within the response time of two hours.

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