GDPR courses, lectures and training

C-cure organizes courses and provides customized lectures and training on GDPR, IT security and security awareness. In order to be GDPR compliant, the organization must understand the threats from the internet, and internally in the network. Being GDPR compliant requires that the company work with technical but also importantly organizational measures. This will involve working with the company culture and not at least with security awareness. On the courses, there are typically a few eye openers and the participants will realize contexts and solutions, as well as understand how to get to be compliant and importantly how to stay compliant.

If your company wishes to make an appointment with employees or customers about the EU Personal Data Regulation / GDPR, then we can agree more closely about the form and content.

We also do more in-depth teaching and workshops. Duration is agreed beforehand and we recommend that the groups are smaller the more difficult the subjects are.A sugegstion is to  possibly divide the group of participants into disciplines, geographical divisions or responsibilities.

Please contact us for a conversation about the possibilities on Tel. +45 45411446

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