C-cure have specializes in IT security since 1993. We regularly offer conferences, seminars, webinars and training courses in

  • IT security
  • GDPR
  • Security awareness
  • Security solutions

The events are either open events for all customers or events customized to the needs of the individual customer

The events are conducted in either Danish or English. Please check if the invitation for open events to see if it is held in English.

Some of the events will be offered in cooperation with one or more of our industry partners.

Customized IT Security Training

Customized training or events can either cover general topics or more in-depth sessions on specific challenges, products and solutions.

Duration is agreed beforehand and we recommend that the groups are smaller the more difficult the subjects are.

Please contact us for a talk about content, planning and price for customized seminars or training.

IT Security Training

Microsoft 365 security

Microsoft 365 security

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