GDPR advisory and compliance

C-cure has extensive international experience and is specialized in IT security and associated legislation and standards. We can advise and deliver consultants and guidelines for compliance within a wide range of areas. Eg. GDPR, ISO, Privacy Shield, etc.
As adviser to Danish Industry's (DI Digital) IT Security Committee and IT Industry Security Committee, we do consultancy and answer to hearing to the EU Commission and the Danish government, as well as we give input to manuals to eg. Data Protection Agency.

We can assist or completely conduct reviews and actions to ensure that your business is able to comply with the law and stay secured. We can also provide you with ideas and tools to keep adhering to the law and to stay compliant. How much you want to involve C-cure is up to you.

On this site you will find guides and templates in danish, that can be used freely. If you need translated versions, please do not hesitate to contacts us at +454 45411446.

In addition, we have other templates that we work methodically in our help with GDPR compliance.

There are several phases in the work with GDPR and we can help in all phases, for example:

  • Introduction to GDPR
  • Training of users
  • Updated IT Policies
  • User-friendly guides in to better IT Security
  • Data flow analysis
  • Documentation for processing of personal data
  • Preparation of consent statements
  • Preparation of Data Processing Agreements and NDA
  • Impact and Risk Assessments
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Advice and help for implementation regarding technical measures
  • Check up on - and and ensuring privacy in solutions, systems and processes
  • Preparing for- and compiling the Data Breach Notification

 C-cure offers voucher based consultancy, so that hourly rates on tasks and advice can be kept at a level where everyone can join.

Please contact us at Tel. 45411446 for a non-binding call or meeting.

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