C-cure has extensive international experience and is specialized in IT security and associated legislation and standards. We can advise and deliver consultants and guidelines for compliance within a wide range of areas such as GDPR, NIS Directive, Privacy Shield, ISO etc.

IT Security Advisor to the Industry and Government

C-cure acts as IT security advisor in the Security Committees under

  • DI Digital (Confederation of Danish Industry's section for IT, ICT, electronics and communication)
  • The Danish ICT Industry Association (IT-Branchen)

Both organizations provide advise to the Danish government and the EU Commission, and provide response to official hearings. 

GDPR Consulting

We advise and give practical assistance to our customers to ensure that their business is able to comply with the law and stay secure. 

C-cure's services range from conducting reviews and implementing new measures to be compliant, to tools and ideas to keep adhering to the law and stay secure going forward. We can help in all phases of the process, but the package of services will be customized to the needs of the individual customer. The package can e.g. include:

  • Introduction to GDPR
  • Training of users
  • Updated IT Policies
  • User-friendly guides in to better IT Security
  • Data flow analysis
  • Documentation for processing of personal data
  • Preparation of consent statements
  • Preparation of Data Processing Agreements and NDA
  • Impact and Risk Assessments
  • Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Advice on and implementation of technical measures
  • Check up on and ensuring privacy in solutions, systems and processes
  • Preparing for and compiling the Data Breach Notification

It is up to you, how much you want to involve C-cure in your GDPR and compliance work.

Free GDPR Guides and Templates

C-cure offers a set of free guides and templates in Danish via the web site 

Guides and templated in english or other languages can be provided as a service.

Non-binding Estimate on GDPR Consulting

Please contact us for a non-binding call or meeting, where we can discuss your needs, estimate the work required, and how C-cure help you be compliant.

GDPR consulting

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