C-cure offers a wide range of security products to improve security, protection, and awareness e.g. against phishing, ransomware, industrial espionage, or ID theft.

IT Security Solutions

C-cure recommends solutions from trendsetting manufacturers providing stable technologies, who act quickly and professionally in the market.

Since the market for security solutions are under constant change and every customer has individual needs, we continuously compare and evaluate competing IT Security products and services. For the same reason you will find a large variety of security solutions in our product portfolio.

We provide our customers with an easy overview of relevant solution, and give advise based on the individual customers requirements, to make sure that the best product or solution is chosen.

IT Security Product Categories

C-cure works within all areas of IT security. Some of the key areas and vendors are:

  • Authentication (Eset, Vasco, SMSPasscode)
  • Encryption (Sophos, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Eset)
  • Firewalls (SonicWall, WatchGuard, Barracuda, Zyxel, Palo Alto Networks)
  • Mobile Security and Device Management (Mobile Iron, F-Secure, Kaspersky, Checkpoint, Sophos, Bitdefender, Eset)
  • Network monitoring / SIEM / Governance (CatMon, Ipswitch, NetIQ, Solarwinds, QRadar)
  • Vulnerability Management (Tennable Nessus, F-secure Radar)
  • Web Security (CSIS (Secure DNS ), Sophos, Clearswift, Trustwawe, Trend Micro)

    What we don't have . . .

    You are always welcome to contact us regarding security questions or solutions, even though it cannot be found on our web page.

    C-cure is often able to deliver other solutions, as long as we can technically vouch for the solution, and the manufacturer is ready to provide the required support and service.

    Microsoft 365 security

    Microsoft 365 security

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