Product portfolio

 C-cure is a company with a strict focus on IT Security. It is a focus we have maintained since 1993.

As such, we have an extensive range of vendors, business partners and products available to us. We focus on tailoring the correct solution for any given customer, as what may work for one customer may be completely wrong for another.

To shortly summarize a few of our preferred vendors and focus areas, we have created the list below:

Anti-Virus: F-Secure, Eset, Sophos, Bitdefender, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, Symantec.

Anti-Spam: Fusemail, Sophos, Clearswift, Trustwawe, centium

Encryption: Sophos, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Eset

Firewall: SonicWall, WatchGuard, Barracuda, Zyxel, Palo Alto Networks

Incident handling
: F-Secure, Sophos

Multi factor authentification: Eset, Vasco, SMSPasscode, 

Mobile Security & Device Management: Mobile Iron, F-Secure, Kaspersky, Checkpoint, Sophos, Bitdefender, Eset. 

Network monitoring / SIEM / Governance: CatMon, Ipswitch, NetIQ, Solarwinds, QRadar 

Vulnerability Management: Tennable Nessus, F-secure Radar

Web Security: CSIS (Sevure DNS )Sophos, Clearswift, Trustwawe, Trend Micro.

Secure FTP: Ipswitch

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