IT vendors increasingly offer applications, but applications can also introduce new security risks - especially when their security does not follow the changes that are being made in the applications.

Application tests can be applied and adapted to your business needs. Test range from penetration test to flexible App scale test and a more hybrid approach to testing on the application layer.

Application Security Should be Improved when:

  • Work processes are interrupted by problems in web applications
  • There is uncertainty about risk levels on web applications and interfaces
  • The DevOps process does not include complete security analysis of constantly changing applications
  • Penetration testing is resource heavy when needed for frequent checks
  • Application security testing is not coordinated with other vulnerability assessments

Scanning of Web Applications

There are technologies in this category that provide a combination of advanced web application scanning tools and experienced security professionals who deliver a solution without false positives. The scanning tool retrieves information about the applications' functionality by continuously monitoring and detecting any changes; it also includes new threats and then regulates behavior. This type of solution ensures that sites remain secure even when new content is produced or when new attack methods are uncovered. No training is required and customer support is available 14/7.

Automated Security Test

You can choose an automated web application security test solution in addition to the solution described above. The solution is scalable and can easily adopt new applications and continuously monitor their vulnerability profile. With this additional option for vulnerability management, you get a more complete picture of your application risk, and all functionalities come in a single integrated interface. Solutions like this run in the cloud, so no implementation time and a minimum of time are required to understand challenges and to take remedial actions.

IT Security Training

Microsoft 365 security

Microsoft 365 security

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