We recommend multi-factor authentication with tokens or using a mobile phone, as an important part of IT security. We offer a wide range of user-friendly solutions that can ensure that users authenticate securely towards the systems. The solutions are available with central administration and will reduce time spent in the IT departments helping users who forget passwords, etc.

We can offer the following solutions

  • SMS PASSCODE from CensorNet
  • Aladdin Safeword
  • RSA Token
  • Vasco

To manage different authentication tools, see under Imprivata

Secure Authentication

If you want to ensure that the correct user logs into the correct information, the most optimal method is to use both a biometric solution, a token and an one-time password. Mobile Pass where the mobile phone is used to create one-hour passwords is also a good option for a user-friendly solution.

If you want to use a so-called sign on solution, see under Imprivata.

C-cure advises on the right choice for your business. Contact us for further product information, meetings, offers etc.

Microsoft 365 security

Microsoft 365 security

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