• Problems with compliance with your official password policy?
  • Can users remember all their passwords for applications and websites?
  • Are passwords stored on print or handwritten notes under the mouse mats?
  • Is your help desk charged by password reset's?
  • Should you implement DS 484?

Typically, a user will only remember 3-6 unique and complicated passwords. If they need to be changed after 90 days, which is the most commonly used time interval between password switching, it's almost impossible to require users to invent new complex passwords that should remember at the same time.

For the IT mangers, this increases the pressure on internal support in terms of the need to reset passwords, and the company no longer follow the current password policy.

Imprivata OneSign gives you:

  • A single product that allows you to connect finger print scanner, token, smartcard, etc. for each user to strengthen password policy, and at the same time simplify the process for the user. 
  • The possibility to define and set up your password policy, e.g. frequency i password change, the complexity of the passwords, etc. 
  • A strong report generator, where you can easily create reports, on e.g. how many have changed password, if passwords are reused, if there are more users who have chosen the same username and password, the number of unique users etc. 
  • The possibility to lock a workstation after e.g. 10 minutes of inactivity. 
  • A collection of the individual user's many identities in different applications. 
  • Single Sign-On for all applications that users can reach from their Windows platform, - also terminal emulation for Citrix and Windows based applications, etc. - without writing special scripts or changing existing AD forms. 
  • Direct integration with the fingerprint scanners in PC's such as Lenovo, Dell, and HP Notebook. In addition, you can use the Token as well Proximity and chip cards if you want a 2-factor validation.

ImprivataOneSign is a "None intrusive" system that only looks in existing user databases such as LDAP and RADIUS without changing or modifying anything. Imprivata OneSign SSO is delivered as a hardware appliance where purchase of licenses and extensions are made according to the "Pay as you grow" model.

In doubt if you can use this solution? Contact C-cure for a talk.

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Microsoft 365 security

Microsoft 365 security

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