C-cure provides Backup solutions -On premise, as well as Remote, also covering virtual environments. Some solutions can be set up with replication of data to a data center as an additional feature, delivered as a service.

EU Personal Data Regulation - GDPR requires data subjects can request to have data corrected or deleted. Not all back-up solution are able to support these functionalities.

C-cure offers a range of back-up solutions with complete local data backup, which can be combined with a subscription to replication to remote data center. This approach brings the best of 2 worlds - onsite backups for fast data recovery and secure offsite replication for crash recovery. Block-level de-duplication can be used inline to reduce the requirements for traditional backup while reducing the requirements for backup windows and bandwidth.

Solutions come with e.g. just-metal disaster recovery, instant recovery via virtual backups conversions, enhanced V-Ray virtualization capabilities with options to restore some files from the virtual image and many other features.

C-cure can help find the most suitable backup solution for you.

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