Lack of overview of data can lead to an increased risk of conflict between critical data's "movements" and storage in the company, and legal requirements such as EUs Personal Data Regulation (GDPR).

50% or more of a company's unstructured data on file servers have normally not been touched for 12 months or more, thus an unnecessary strain on backup solutions and the IT functions time spent on maintenance.

With Dark Data Assessment and e.g. Veritas Data Insight, the problem can be solved. You can buy an overivew as a one-time service, or to get in more permanent control of your data.

A Dark Data Assessment Process:

  • Installation and configuration of Veritas Data Insight is done in cooperation with the customer
  • Then data is collected over a month and verified on a regular basis
  • After completion of data collection, a report is prepared
  • The report can provide a "one-time overview", but may also be submitted for future use, for the greatest possible benefit from the Data Insight solution

The Report Gives You Insight Into:

  • What data do you have?
  • How much data is unused over time?
  • How much data is duplicated?
  • What types of data (graphics, office and / or program files)?
  • Who can access data (shares / files)?
  • Who uses / does not use this access?
  • Suggestions for improvements in relation to raising data security on file servers

Data Overview

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Microsoft 365 security

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