The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires that personal data and particularly sensitive data, are not accessible to unauthorized persons. One of the possible measures are solutions within Data Leakage / Data Loss Prevention (DLP). DLP solutions protect the company's sensitive information on e-mail, web-mail, IM, USB and CD/DVD against access by unauthorized persons.

Solutions within this area are generally built around rule-based encryption. All information stored and in transit is protected. It can be e.g. personal information, customer, client or patient information, and information on the purchase or sale of listed companies etc.

DLP Solutions at Different Levels

DLP solutions are available at different levels:

  • Device level
  • Document level
  • Mail Gateway level
  • Firewall level

Full Blown DLP Solutions with a Holistic ApproachCryptZone Secured Device

Full blown solutions can provide enterprise level administration of which equipment can be connected to the infrastructure endpoints, giving full protection against data leakage if unauthorized storage media, printers and the like are used.

  • Compliance with security rules, data protection and e-discovery laws
  • Real-time notifications for administrators about what gets connected to endpoints and when
  • Audit logs in database
  • Control over and monitoring of how information is downloaded at endpoints
  • Location-based policies (Online / Offline / VPN)
  • Agent-based solutions that work even when the endpoint is not connected to the corporate network for complete protection
  • Blocking both USB and PS/2
  • Hardware key loggers
  • Prevention of autorun on CD / DVD, external hard drives and USB drives
  • Tracking the retention of company data, who connects what, when and to which of the company's endpoints
  • White listing of units based on type, serial number and model number
  • blocking and permitting IO ports
  • Simple and manageable, customizeable reports

The solutions are available as stand-alone products or enterprise editions.

Providers of DLP Solutions

We work with the following producers within DLP:

  • Clearswift
  • Checkpoint
  • Cryptzone
  • Barracuda
  • Kaspersky
  • SonicWall
  • Symantec
  • Trustwawe
  • Watchguard

Contact us for advise on which solution is the best match for your organization.

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