Common Data Flow Monitoring is available from several suppliers. Data flow monitoring can be set-up in connection with regular network monitoring tools such as Ipswitch or Solarwinds. If, on the other hand, data flow monitoring and security are required, there are far fewer solutions.

Suppliers within Data Flow Monitoring

Munin excels as a strong Danish solution that scales down to smaller companies - other international solutions such as Carbon Black are somewhat more expensive and only suitable for larger enterprise environments.

Other suppliers who touch upon the same subject but not with the same advanced technology can be mentioned:

  • Sophos
  • F-Secure
  • Heimdal
  • CSIS

Advantages of Data Flow Monitoring and Security

  • Adaptable and self learning. No rules or manual configuration required
  • Automatic detection of anomalies in real time
  • Stochastic anomaly analysis, which estimates the probability of malignancy
  • Passive - Doesn't affect your network's performance
  • Easy to install
  • Available as a subscription

There are technologies with an intelligent network sensor that analyzes in real-time all computer network traffic that is otherwise not visible. The latest technology in machine learning and artificial intelligence is used to analyze network traffic. This allows you to identify anomalies and cyber threats in networks.

The new generation of both physical and virtual sensors, combats cyber attacks in computer networks covering both small and large offices, data centers and the cloud. Firewalls and anti-virus software are not capable of capturing the hackers' communication in the enterprise network. The hackers can find their way pas the firewall and anti-virus. Therefore, network sensors are a necessity along with other security solutions such as firesall, AV, cloud security, mobile security and training.

Notifications and alarms can also be automatically forwarded to a cloud platform. One can thus choose to let security analysts actively monitor the company's notifications and help with the prevention of upcoming attacks and analysis of infected systems. 

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