DDoS - Distributed Denial of Service attacks disables the affected business' online presence or key business processes - and can have a long lasting impact on the affected business.

As online activities play an increasingly important role in almost every company's day-to-day operations and interaction with customers, the growing DDoS threats should not be ignored. Online services - and entire IT infrastructure are at risk.

  • Customers expect access to goods and services - which means that downtime is unacceptable
  • the company's own employees may need reliable access to important services, otherwise they will not be able to perform their duties if any of your important systems are shut down by a DDoS attack
  • The effects of an attack can be far-reaching

Although an attack may be directed at a specific element of one's infrastructure, it may affect other areas of the organization. an attack against e.g. a bank's internal systems can also disable the entire bank's ATM network.

The company's reputation and branding can be hit and it can bring direct financial costs.

Integrated Solutions against DDoS Attacks

DDoS solutions will typically offer a comprehensive, integrated solution that includes everything your organization needs to defend against DDoS attacks:

  • Special sensor software - for installation on your site
  • Access to a versatile, distributed network of "treatment centers"
  • Advanced intelligence on the latest DDoS attacks
  • Help services
  • Extensive support - including direct access to DDoS protection experts
  • Post-attack analyzes and reports

. . . all supported by a rigorous service agreement.

24/7 Analysis and Cleaning of Traffic

Some solutions offer ongoing 24x7 traffic analysis, to warn of possible attack attempts and then redirect traffic, clean the traffic, and return "clean" traffic to th business. Reports and analyzes of the attack are then provided.

Other solutions fight DDoS attacks on two fronts:

  • Infrastructure with a special defense - including our sensor software - runs on your website - and systems that run on a network at the manufacturer
  • Notifications - for previous registration of DDoS attacks
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