Bitdefender founded in 2001 is a rapidly expanding innovative security provider. They offer unique new technologies for protection against IT threats and malware. Their technology is available in OEM versions of many well-known security manufacturers.

With their technology, high support level and qaulity, Bitdefender has secured a top ranking among the leaders in the security industry. They are particularly distinguished by the unique protection of virtual environments on the Hypervizor layer, which saves license money and optimizes security. Solutions also support both Windows, MAC and Unix systems for both endpoints and servers.

Bitdefender's Gravity Zone

Bitdefender's Gravity Zone provides you with a powerful and centralized management console that can manage all endpoint protection, mobile and virtual devices as well as Gateway solutions. It combines visibility into and an overview of the company's security situation, with remote configuration of endpoint and security policy enforcement via a central interface.

Bitdefender's Gravity Zone makes it possible for companies to:

  • Implement a comprehensive management platform for remote installation, configuration and reporting of all Bitdefender clients, servers, gateways, mobile devices and virtual devices - products implemented across the entire network
  • Provide IT administrators with access to look into all malware related events across the entire network
  • Proactively revise hardware and software installed across the entire network
  • Perform remote configuration and administration client and server system settings
  • Receive reports of malware related events to identify infectious rates and trends
  • Measure the effectiveness of the organization's anti-malware security program

Bitdefender in Virtual Environments

Security for Virtualized Environments (SVE) is the first comprehensive security offering that has been designed for today's dynamic and heterogeneous data centers. After installation in VMware environments, SVE will make use of VShield Endpoint and is thus 100% agentless.

SVE is not dependent on virtualization technology; it protects environments powered by any type of virtualization technology. In addition, SVE not only protects Windows servers and end-user systems, but also Linux and Solaris systems. This unmatched coverage is the result of unique Bitdefender innovation.

Bitdefender Client Security

Bitdefender Client Security is an easy business solution that delivers superior proactive protection against viruses, spyware, rootkits, spam, phishing, and other malware. The central administration console provides unparalleled network overview and ensures consistent security policy, website filtering, internet access and use of control, audit and other remote control scripts across the entire corporate IT network.

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