Many companies move to the "cloud" also with security solutions. However, some have concerns about whether security solutions can be adequately protected in the cloud.

Fully or partially outsourced cloud solutions with and without service are available from many manufacturers.

Both the customer's own system administrator and / or C-cure's IT consultants can manage the solutions.

In case of alarms, the administrator can respond and the manufacturer can log on to the console and provide support much easier. It is also an advantage, that if a particular attack or spread pattern occurs regionally or locally in a country, then the antivirus software will share its knowledge with one central knowledge center at the manufacturer. This knowledge center will within a short time ensure that all licenses globally are updated with the new knowledge and thus will be better protected. It is a particularly advantageous method when it comes to e.g. Zero Day attacks or particularly complicated attacks.

As long as it is the administration tool that is located at the manufacturer and it is protected, as we see it with the manufacturers we recommend, we at C-cure believe that it is sound IT security. These solutions are especially interesting for those companies who want to get easier administration of their Endpoint security solutions.

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Microsoft 365 security

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