One of the weakest links within IT and cyber security is the user. Improving attention and knowledge among employees therefore play a key role for the security of a company.

C-cure works with several elements to increase awareness and the level of knowledge about safety with our customers and their employees. This includes security awareness campaigns, simulated phishing attacks, software solutions and customized training.

We offer software solutions from a variety of software providers. The solutions come from e.g.

  • Sophos
  • Kaspersky
  • KnowBe4
Contact us for a talk about what it take with regard to campaigns, software solutions and training, and what the content should be to meet your specific needs.

Security Awareness Campaigns

Security awareness campaigns range from free tests for private users, over smaller specialized surveys and campaigns, to large international test and multilingual campaigns.

The campaigns can be carried out via e-mail, web or print, and can be targeting the company's employees at different level as well as external partners.

Simulated Phishing Attacks

Simulated phishing attacks against a company's users show where in the organization the efforts must be strengthened to increase security awareness.

The tool KnowBe4 offers e.g. orchestrated and individually designed simulation of phishing attacks in either Danish or English. Users can be imported from AD via a CSV file and can be grouped by department, knowledge etc. The tool then provides an overview of the sampaign results.

Pre-configured email templates are included in English and you can create the same in Danish, or leave it to C-cure to create the specific campaigns based on your individual wishes.

Customized IT Security Training

Customized training or events can either cover general topics or more in-depth sessions on specific challenges, products and solutions.

Duration is agreed beforehand and we recommend that the groups are smaller the more difficult the subjects are.

Advise on IT Policies, Legislation and Testing

C-cure works in detail with IT Security Awareness and has developed a separate portal providing free advise on security awareness, IT policies, legislation and security testing.

A list of guides and templates for IT and security related policies, tests and guidelines can be downloaded from the Security Awareness Portal. The majority of the material is in Danish.

Security training

Microsoft 365 security

Microsoft 365 security

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